New digs

Welcome to my new home on the web.   Thank you for making the trek over here to join me. I’ve been thinking about leaving Blogger for a month or so.  I had been surfing around to see what was out there and trying to decide if it was worth it to pack up and move to new digs. In the past couple weeks, I received almost daily emails from readers letting me know that my blog was acting up.   Most folks couldn’t comment and some of them couldn’t even get the page to load.  I did all that I could do to find the problem and then emailed Blogger.  After three of my emails went unanswered, I decided to take the plunge.Thank you to the people who did comment to tell me about your blog software.  I checked out all the suggestions and created test blogs on all the sites.   However, none of those sites made me  say “Yes!  I want to blog there!”

My decision was made for me when I saw the blog that Kristi and Otis set up at WordPress.  I started surfing around the WordPress site and loved almost everything I saw. 

One of my favorite features is the comments.  I will actually be sent your email address when you comment (what a concept – Blogger!).  I can finally respond to folks via email.   That was one thing that drove me nuts about Blogger:  I didn’t know who many of my commenters (is that a word?) were and I wanted to respond to many of them.

I started another test blog here at WordPress.  I intended to dual blog for awhile to make sure I liked it.  I also wanted to give myself time to learn new software and get everything set up. 

I thought it would take me two weeks to accomplish all of that.

It took me 24 hours. 

Yes, WordPress is that easy!  I think it’s even easier than Blogger.

I decided not to import my old Blogger blog into this blog.   I am going to leave the old blog up because there’s a lot of information there that I know I’ll need in the future.   I’m going to clean up the old blog a bit, but not post anything new there.

I have this main page completely set up and I will be adding additional pages as I have time.  (You can see where they’ll be by looking at the top of this page:  Next to the “Home” and “About” tabs are where these new pages will be.)   

I fully realize that, like all new loves, my affection for WordPress may fade a bit once we’ve spent more time together.  For now, I’m enjoying the honeymoon.


6 responses

  1. I love it!! I like the “recent photos” section on the side! does WordPress host your pics too?

  2. Sweet! You will have to let me know how you like it once you’ve been here for awhile. Are you using their free service or have you paid for the extras? I’ve thought about moving my blog too, but I’m not sure yet … it seems like an awful lot of work.

    Hooray! I can comment! 🙂

  3. I’m feeling quite comfy here. Mind if I pull up a chair and stay awhile??

    Congrats on the new blog home! I think you need a new housewarming gift!

  4. Hooray! Love your new digs and I could ACTUALLY and FINALLY read your posts and see your gorgeous critters. Welcome to the hood!

  5. I like the new look. I can actually see your entire sidebar!

  6. I love the new site!!!!!

    and the sunset in the last post.

    and I’m sure lots of other stuff, but I don’t know when I’ll ever be caught up.


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