This is where the snappy title goes.

Time for Saturday Sky:

This morning at Knit Group, Felicia helped me figure out where I went wrong with the Minty Fresh blanket. It turns out: I was thinking too much, instead of just following the pattern. Thank you, Felicia! I made some progress on it today:

Driving to work yesterday morning, the sunrise was so spectacular that I had to pull over to watch it (and take pictures!):

I’ll end for today with, what else, The Three Stooges:


One response

  1. I’m jealous of your Saturday Sky! Mine was an ugly, hazy icky mess, so I skipped it for today.

    Minty fresh! When I look at your pictures before you did the “reverse engineering” on the blanket, you had the basic lace pattern part down. After reading the pattern today, and then eyeballing the blanket again, you were losing a YO.

    I can’t wait to see that blanket when you’re done, for I think I might just have to knit one myself.

    Off to wash Red Heart skeins. . .

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