We’re on a break.

The Minty Fresh Blanket and I are on a break. It’s nothing to worry about. We’re still in love. We just need some time apart.

To fill the gap in my heart, I have begun a torrid affair with something new:

I’d like to introduce you to the At First Blush Blanket. The counting on Minty Fresh was making me nutty, so I decided a simple feather and fan pattern was just what I needed.

I’ve been cruising the Internet for blanket patterns lately and have a huge pet peeve.

Why do folks use tiny pictures of the finished blanket or only a tiny snippet of the entire blanket on their pattern page? In order to use a pattern, I want to see what the entire blanket looks like and I want to see what the stitch pattern looks like. A horrible picture is not going to do it for me.

4 responses

  1. You are so silly!!
    What yarn is that you are using for the feather and fan? It is lovely!

  2. I’ve always hated that, too. Details, people… it’s all in the details. You can’t tell anything from a blown up little picture that’s all pixellated, either. My best guess is that the people who do that only have crappy cameras, so that’s the best they can offer (and it IS better than all those patterns out there with no pictures at all… that I will never understand… what is the point of even posting the pattern? I can’t tell whether I’ll like it or not from just text).

    At first blush is looking good. You just can’t go wrong with feather & fan… simple, pretty, and easy to mezmerize.

  3. I’m certainly liking that feather and fan. . . And, there’s certainly nothing wrong with Startitis. I’ve got a bad case of it now. There is no cure for the condition, and I’m thankful there are no known cases of death from it. The only way to treat it is to spend hours knitting, while watching one’s favorite show. . .or hanging out with other sufferers of the disease!

    Misery does love company!

  4. I really love the feather and fan and that yarn is so pretty!


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