There’s snow in them thar hills!

Pikes Peak came out from behind the clouds long enough for me to take my Saturday Sky picture:

Friday’s sunrise was pretty spectacular, too:

At First Blush is coming along:

I started a scarf, dubbed the Rainbow Camouflage Scarf (thank you to Felicia and MJ for the name):

Tonight I visited with an old friend:

The Green Eggs and Ham Socks!

Parker helped me with the photo shoot and he kept trying to bat the camera:


7 responses

  1. those socks are FUN! Zander loves that book.

  2. You’ve been busy – what photos! Gorgeous…and Yeah – welcome back Parker! We (the Meezer and I) missed you!

  3. Parker needs his time on the blog too!

    The socks look great! Rainbow Camouflage is looking fantastic!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Loving the new scarf and the GE&H socks! Beautiful sky and kitty pictures too.

  5. Mmm. . .do I smell a sock for Socktoberfest???? You know, those socks would look stunning on Parker, what with his gorgeous green eyes and all!

  6. I haven’t seen those socks before… I love the colors.

  7. Your cat is beautiful. I love his nose.

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