Knitting, puppies and friends….the perfect fall day.

We’ve been having an absolutely gorgeous stretch of weather here in Colorado.

Today’s Saturday Sky:

MJ hosted a puppy party/knit group at her house today.

Felicia and I showed up with knitting, food and puppies.

There was a lot of playing:

Followed by a lot of resting:

I’m making progress on the At First Blush Blanket:

There’s mystery knitting going on, too. The first project is almost finished.

I’ll close today with my favorite picture that I took today. It’s of my darling Kishka, being most unladylike:

5 responses

  1. You are right, it was a perfect day! It was our pleasure to host and we were quite entertained with puppies and treats!!

  2. kristi and otis | Reply

    What a great combo – knitting and puppies! Great pics!

  3. I just love your doggies! You made good progress with your blanket. That’s one pattern stitch I always wanted to do – soon I tell myself!
    By the way, my bedbugs scarf is made of 2 different stitch patterns found in two differnt stitch pattern books. It’s not so hard to get a pattern together for a rectangular shawl or scarf. It’s fun!

  4. Delightful photos! The blanket looks wonderful too…

  5. The baby blanket looks great – nice stitch pattern!

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