The surgery on the Green Eggs and Ham socks did not go as planned: 

No regrets, though.  I wasn’t loving these socks, so now I”ll just knit them over!

There’s been a definite shift in weather over the last day or so.  I noticed it this morning when I had to forgo my usual choice of footwear for my winter footwear:

Speaking of winter….snow is supposed to fall tonight. 

I should probably find my snow shovel. 


5 responses

  1. Is that your desk at work? Shouldn’t you be WORKING?!

    I got your e-mail… I’m going to e-mail you back… I’ve actually got something else I wanted to discuss with you anyway.

  2. Sorry your socks didn’t work. Love the ones you are wearing!


  3. Did you actually get snow? Over here in Morrison (Red Rocks) we didn’t get any…my 4 year old was terribly disappointed this morning!

  4. Could you please send the snow to me? I just love snow, and miss it dreadfully living here in the land of no, or hardly any, snow.

  5. Oh no! Snow already? Well, at least you’ll get to use all those warm socks you’ve been working on.

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