I generally keep this blog focused on knitting, dogs and clouds. I like reading happy blogs, so I try to write that kind of blog.

Every so often, though, something gets under my skin and I have to grab my soapbox and pontificate to my heart’s content.

Today, I’m ticked off about this.

I was streaming live coverage of this tragedy as it happened. As soon as the reporters began stating who owned the plane, I started to get ticked off. Once it was discovered that a ‘celebrity’ (I hate that word) owned the plane and was on board, the news anchors were practically orgasmic in how they reported the news.

It was disgusting.

The news was reported so quickly, that I just knew that the families hadn’t been notified. One man’s father found out his son was dead from a TV newscast.

What the hell is wrong with this country?

Yes, I know we live in the age of instant news and it’s usually a wonderful thing.

Call me naive, but it shocks me that not one news organization held back the identity of the dead.

Have they no heart?

Can they not imagine how they would feel if it was their son, husband, brother?

As the above linked article states, the world found out this man was dead before his wife did.

One of the men who died today was ‘celebrity’, but he’s also a person.

A person with people who love him.

Those loved ones deserve respect.

5 responses

  1. That completely sucks!! I agree, sometimes the media is in too much of a hurry to tell us all this stuff without regard for how others are affected! OMG I just cannot imagine the shock and pain!

  2. Stay on that soapbox, girl. The whole feeding-frenzied media makes me sick every day.

  3. kristi and otis | Reply

    What a bunch of crap. This is why I rarely watch tv. My best friend lives in a highrise two blocks from there and until they released the address of the building, I was sitting in my doc’s office just in shock.

  4. Here, here! (Or is that Hear, hear!?)

    Worse than the media, though… who told the media before letting the parents be notified? Whoever it is should lose their job. You can almost understand the media (don’t get me wrong, it was incredibly poor taste and I most certainly wish we had better journalists, but)… can’t let the other guy tell people and you hold back… however, the officials who gave them that information should really have much more discretion.

    I have to disagree with you on one point, though. Instant news is not usually a good thing. It lacks any perspective, and often gets things wrong, sometimes which are never corrected… or at least the correction doesn’t get the attention the original piece did, and the misinformation persists in many peoples’ minds as “fact”.

    I’d rather have accurate news with understanding than instant news any day.

  5. You are so right! I feel so sorry for their families. What a horrible way to learn of a personal tragedy.

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