Snow, a sock and something new.

This morning, all of the weather reports predicted that snow would begin after sundown. Does this look like ‘after sundown’ to you:

Since I was not expecting snow until after I got home, I ended up with very cold feet:

Max, my snow loving dog, has been eating the snow off the deck:

He’s also been romping with his sister:

That’s not the best picture, but I love how in sync they are: from their tails to their noses.

The first Jellybean sock is coming along nicely:

Log Cabin #3 is taking shape:

I’m looking forward to seeing this one develop.  I think the colors are going to look wonderful.

5 responses

  1. I really like the colors on the new log cabin!

    Kish look happy to keep you company while you knit!!

  2. Snow! They’re predicting snow flurries here by the weekend, although we’ve already has a brief snow squall last week. And it looks like your dogs dig the sock =)

  3. The snow is so pretty…but I agree. The weatherman up here said not until after 9pm and it started at about 10:30am. October 17 and already shoveling the driveway!

  4. Oh snow, it’s such wonderful white stuff. Although just looking at your feet makes me cold.

    I just love watching my pup in the snow, he thinks it’s the best thing on earth.

  5. Ooof–winter has begun! It does keep the dogs happy, that’s for sure.

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