The Day After.

After yesterday’s blizzard, today was a gorgeous day. Here are some scenes from my day:
The piles of snow along the highway:

Abandoned cars along the highway:

A spectacular sunset:

In knitting news, I’m thinking a lot about this.

5 responses

  1. Living in southern PA, we get snow – occasionally we get ‘much’ snow, and once in a big while we get a ‘whole much snow’ — and every time: including times when even a few snowflakes individually gather in the street: I get seriously grumpy. I’d have the corners of my mouth turned down so low I’d be tripping over them if I lived out there. I can see the advantages of having lovely quiet and a perfect excuse to knit; but bless you heart for being so pleasant about the whole thing.
    Think good thoughts.

  2. Well…thinking about your knitting thoughts – it would certainly work with the Nana Sadie Rose bag you bought!!! ROFLOL!!!

  3. I’m glad you made it through the blizzard ok. The pictures are a bit frightening. If the cars are abandoned, where are the drivers? I sure hope someone came and picked them up.

  4. The sunsets are gorgeous…but the snow, please keep it. My nerves can’t handle that right now :-O

  5. Damn, that’s some serious snow! We won’t get hit with anything remotely like that until January rolls around.

    Gorgeous sunset, too!

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