Daily Archives: October 30th, 2006

Breaking news.

Here are the new Cotton Ease colors!

I am thrilled that Lion Brand came to their senses and brought back this yarn, but I was hoping for better colors.  This is a good start and I hope they build on this initial color palette.  

Some of the old Cotton Ease colors were a bit garish for my taste, but I am sorry to see that they did not bring back the Bubble Gum pink and Sugarplum purple.

I love that Berry color, though. 

The feet. They have been felted.



What: Fuzzy Feet
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, one skein each of colors 166 and 102. Tiny bit of color 180.
Needles: size 10 dpns
Pattern: Fuzzy Feet from Knitty.
Lesson Learned: Noro takes forever to felt.
Destination: My feet!

I put these through the washing machine five times to get them felted. I may send them through again. I’ve been wearing them all evening and I think they need to be just a little bit smaller. They felted perfectly in length but not enough in circumference.

I have enough Noro left to make another pair. I’ll be tweaking the pattern a bit when I make the second pair.

Thursday’s blizzard is already just a memory. The dogs spent most of the day outside, enjoying the snow that’s left:

I spent much of the weekend cleaning and rearranging my furniture.  I took a break tonight to block the Fuzzy Feet and watch one of my favorite old movies.

A perfect end to the weekend.