Daily Archives: December 22nd, 2006

Double the FO’s, double the fun.

Ever since I knit my first pair of Fuzzy Feet, I’ve wanted to knit a another pair.

I tweaked the pattern to make them higher (and warmer) and also adjusted the decreases to fit my clown feet.

They are nearly perfect:

Custom Fuzzy Feet


What: My 2nd pair of Fuzzy Feet, these ones are custom fitted
Noro Kureyon , various amounts of colors 138, 102 and 166 (partial skeins of each)
Fuzzy Feet
Lesson Learned:

Destination: My feet


For the past couple of months, I’ve been looking for a new rug for my kitchen. I haven’t been able to find the size or colors I was looking for.

So I knit one:

Kitchen Rug


What: Kitchen Rug, 50″ x 50″, 67″ on the diagonal
Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, 8 skeins each of Grape, Sage Green Soft Violet, Dark Pine and Ecru
Log Cabin, 4 strands held throughout
Lesson Learned:
Destination: My Kitchen

Kishka says, “It’s boring to watch you knit!”



Blizzard knitting.

Like every other Colorado blogger, I’ll blog about the blizzard. This is what it was like here for almost 48 hours:

What’s a girl to knit during a raging blizzard?

Fuzzy Feet, of course!

For this pair, I tweaked the pattern so they should be a custom fit. They’re currently spinning in the washing machine so I should be wearing them later today.

Once the storm stopped, I took the dogs outside to play.

This is Samantha, waiting for me to kick some snow (she loves to chase it):

And here’s Kishka, checking out the neighborhood (look, the sun is shining!):

Finally, here’s Max my snow dog. He loves snow more than any dog I’ve ever known:

Next up on the needles: finishing a huge project!