Blizzard knitting.

Like every other Colorado blogger, I’ll blog about the blizzard. This is what it was like here for almost 48 hours:

What’s a girl to knit during a raging blizzard?

Fuzzy Feet, of course!

For this pair, I tweaked the pattern so they should be a custom fit. They’re currently spinning in the washing machine so I should be wearing them later today.

Once the storm stopped, I took the dogs outside to play.

This is Samantha, waiting for me to kick some snow (she loves to chase it):

And here’s Kishka, checking out the neighborhood (look, the sun is shining!):

Finally, here’s Max my snow dog. He loves snow more than any dog I’ve ever known:

Next up on the needles: finishing a huge project!


One response

  1. All I can say is … wow! What a couple of days you and the dogs had!

    Hope you’re staying warm. My parents are in in NY with me on my farm, flew here from their home in Denver on Tuesday.


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