Double the FO’s, double the fun.

Ever since I knit my first pair of Fuzzy Feet, I’ve wanted to knit a another pair.

I tweaked the pattern to make them higher (and warmer) and also adjusted the decreases to fit my clown feet.

They are nearly perfect:

Custom Fuzzy Feet


What: My 2nd pair of Fuzzy Feet, these ones are custom fitted
Noro Kureyon , various amounts of colors 138, 102 and 166 (partial skeins of each)
Fuzzy Feet
Lesson Learned:

Destination: My feet


For the past couple of months, I’ve been looking for a new rug for my kitchen. I haven’t been able to find the size or colors I was looking for.

So I knit one:

Kitchen Rug


What: Kitchen Rug, 50″ x 50″, 67″ on the diagonal
Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, 8 skeins each of Grape, Sage Green Soft Violet, Dark Pine and Ecru
Log Cabin, 4 strands held throughout
Lesson Learned:
Destination: My Kitchen

Kishka says, “It’s boring to watch you knit!”



2 responses

  1. Oh! Hi gang! Glad you are back! I’ve checked almost every day, but the last couple ones, maybe I should have not checke earlier?! ;o)
    Glad Max is enjoying himself in the snow! It’s a shame you got all the snow and we got none! ;o(
    Biko and Sam would LOVE to have some snow here, well Sam, would to have to wait for a bit longer.
    I can’t believe you held 4 strands together! Must be quite thick and comfy. With the Blizzard you sure need your fuzy feet!
    Wish you peacful holidays!

  2. The rug came out awesome. I bet Max will enjoy it, perhaps he’ll share it with you!

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