Another day, another FO.

My mother has requested dishcloths, so dishcloths she shall receive!

Dishcloth #1 for Mom

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, partial skeins of Sage Green and Country Sage Ombre
Textured slip stitch as seen in Mason Dixon Knitting book
9″ x 8.25″
Date started:
Date finished:
Lesson Learned:
This pattern wasn’t nearly as painful as the first one that I knit. It’s not my favorite, but it acheived the effect I was going for, so that’s what’s important.
Destination: My Mom’s kitchen

I’m still deciding on the pattern for the next dishcloth, but it will be on the needles tonight.

It was another gorgeous day here, so The Three Stooges and I spent the afternoon outside:



Playing with Frisbees…


Looking especially photogenic (Samantha):


Chowing down on snow (Max)…


Plotting an escape:


And, being punished for the escape:


Kishka is one of the strangest most unique dogs I have ever known:

She was snoring when I took this picture. How on earth is that comfortable?

5 responses

  1. kristi and otis | Reply

    That pic of Kiska is HILARIOUS! Great to see SOME pics of snow, green grass over here in the mitten state!

  2. Most adorable doggie pictures! Love them all, but the last one made my day! ;o)

  3. I do love to read about your dogs. That picture of Kiska is just grand. Having four canine furries of my own, I can totally appreciate the joy of such things. So glad you’re posting again.

  4. I love your dogs. I want to hug them all.

  5. ROFLOL! I agree. No way that’s comfortable…
    Love your dishcloths, too (your later posts, I’m a little behind in my bloglines)
    Snow? Again?

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