Daily Archives: January 3rd, 2007

Goose egg on my noggin’.

Earlier tonight, I was having a perfectly wonderful evening. Samantha was snoring in the hallway. Kishka was on the chair, chewing a bone. I was lying on the floor, snuggling Max and listening to a podcast.

Suddenly, my head exploded in pain. I’m not kidding. I saw stars and was disoriented for a couple of seconds.

When I regained my wits, I realized that Kishka had dropped her bone on my face. It hit right on the bone under my eyebrow.

I have had bones dropped on my head before, but there must be something about that eyebrow bone because it hurt like hell. I’m now sporting a goose egg on my eyebrow and a headache.

She’s lucky she’s so cute:

The Sunshine Lilac blanket is coming along:

Or, it was. After taking this picture, I realized my stitch count was off, so I ripped back most of the yellow. I love this pattern, so I’ll reknit it quickly.

I love this face: