A pair of socks and lots of canine cuteness.

The socks are coming along:

The dogs, as always, are adorable….

Samantha napping:


Max sleeping on Kish:

I was feeling the Max love last night. First, he fell asleep on my foot:

Later on, he fell asleep with his paw on my leg:

Last, but not least, the oddball dog doing lots of odd things…

Hanging out on the back of the couch:

Not so odd, but really cute:

Sprawling across the dog beds:

Sound asleep, facing the wall:

Wedged under the dog bed:

And her favorite, hiding her face:


5 responses

  1. I’m loving your socks. It’s especially cool how the heel and gusset did NOT mess up the patterning, the way I usually see it do. What yarn are you using??

  2. What great pictures! I love it when my dogs fall asleep on me. 🙂

  3. Okay, the socks look great, but I am LOVING the doggy pictures. We always laugh at the way our lab sleeps. She has the weirdest positions. If I remember I’ll try to get a picture of her the next time I catch her sleeping weird. 🙂

  4. OH such cuteness shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet because all I want to do is look at their cuteness.

  5. Hi… I thought I was the only person who created both socks at the same time to make sure they were exactly alike.

    Keep up the good work…


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