Warm feet.

Splash of Red Socks

What:    Splash of Red Socks
Yarn:     Knit Picks Superwash Bare, fingering weight.  Dyed with Kool-Aid and food coloring.
Needles:   size 2, Knit Picks dpn’s
Pattern:    basic cuff down pattern as outlined in Knitting Rules, page 144-145*

Date started:   1/5/07

Date finished:  1/10/07
Lesson Learned:  None.  I just need to be careful of ladders.

Destination:  My feet!

* only modification to pattern was 6″ leg, instead of 7″.

I wasn’t sure how much yarn I would have left over, so I only knit a 6″ leg.  I was worried about running out of yarn. 

I shouldn’t have worried.  Here’s the leftover:

This yarn is the result of my first dying experience.   I dyed several hanks of yarn last month with Kool-Aid and food coloring.  I definitely prefer Kool-Aid, but I couldn’t find Berry Blue Kool-Aid, so I had to use blue food dye.  I had no clue how the yarn would turn out and I’m very pleased.  This skein was my least favorite, but it’s grown on me since I’ve been knitting with it.

The next pair of socks is going on the needles tonight.  I’m in the sock knitting groove now and can’t wait to see how this pair turns out!

An outtake from the photo session:


4 responses

  1. I always freak out when doing cuff down socks, too. I did the exact same thing on the socks from the yarn I received in the dye swap. That’s one reason I like to do socks toe-up whenever I can.

  2. Great socks! Love the dye job…

  3. Congrats on a FO well done! They look fantastic and well fit. 🙂

  4. I see you have a key grip and sock inspector present at your photo shoot! It’s a good thing the director as well as the producer also didn’t get into the picture.

    Love the socks. You’re doing a great job with them, and love the fact the colors don’t pool!

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