Sky, socks and furry friends

The frozen landscape for Saturday Sky:

The Candy Cane socks are ready for their heels:

A rare shot of both of the kitties together:

Romeo (the one on the left) is very camera shy, so it’s hard to get pictures of him.

Max and Kishka also enjoy hanging out together:

One of Kishka’s favorite things to do is to look out the front window:

She’ll sit like this for hours.  I think it’s absolutely adorable. 

Finally, here’s my Max;  enjoying the snow and cold: 


6 responses

  1. kristi and otis | Reply

    Love the pics of Max in the snow – Otis is waiting sooo patiently for the white stuff and we got NADA! Please send some for him (but not for me!)

  2. Socks on a dog! Yeah, that’s what we all want to see! The puppies all look like they are living THE life. Snoozing, playing in snow, and just otherwise– relaxing. I can’t wait to see what the Candy Cane socks look like when completed and on de feet.

  3. My goodness, girlfriend… you are making so much progress on those socks. Speed demon.

  4. Your animals are so cute and your new socks are coming out great!


  5. Oh what cuteness! I’m so happy to see Romeo’s picture.

    And the rolling in the snow, priceless and refreshing.

  6. YOU are awesome. Thank you so much for the comment to my pals blog!

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