Thawing out. Maybe.

When I went to bed last night, it was -9 outside my house.  And the wind was blowing, so I’m sure the windchill was much colder. 

Tonight, it’s 1 degree.  This is progress. 

Kishka looks cold:

Max had a Kong chewing session last night:

And then he konked out on the Kong:

The Candy Cane socks are on the home stretch:

A close up:


3 responses

  1. Your dogs are so previous, as always 🙂
    Is that two socks on 10 doublepoints?? Do you switch after each row or do a bunch and then switch and keep track?
    Great yarn!!

  2. precious, not previous, ugh

  3. OH Kishka definitely looks cold, it’s amazing to me how such a big dog can get in such a tight curl!

    Sweet Max! I always love it when an animal falls asleep with their toy. Abner often brings his toy to bed with him, just to snuggle. One night we woke up and had 5 balls in bed with us, along with Abner of course.

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