Knitting, critters and maybe you can help.

On Saturday, Felicia and I spent the day down in Canon City.  We attended the monthly Warm The World meeting and then went to lunch with the founder, Nan.  Felicia wrote a great post about our day here.     If you have anything you can donate, please consider Warm The World.  All of their yarn is donated.  They have no budget to purchase yarn.  Even a gift card to a craft store (Hobby Lobby, Joann, Michael’s) would be a huge help.  

My Emerald socks are coming along:

I was hoping to knit these faster, but I hate ribbing.   I really hate it.  With the fire of a thousand suns.    I need to just knit it and get it over with.

I was trying to watch a movie this afternoon, but someone kept flipping the TV to Animal Planet:

I snapped this picture of Kishka tonight:

 I took the picture on the fly and love it.  It really captures her personality. 


7 responses

  1. you have very lovely looking pets.

  2. Wow… you’re going to be so ready for St. Patrick’s Day! That bright green yarn is fabulous. I’m fussy about my greens… that passes the test.

  3. Great green. Good cause. Adorable animals.


  4. “with the fire of a thousand suns” LOL thats some serious dislike for ribbing. Kishka has the most beautiful eyes. She looks like a doggie model.

  5. THAT is green! Love the pet pics!!!

  6. Oh what great animal pictures, I love that picture of Kishka, what expressive eyes.

  7. What a great picture of Kishka, once again!

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