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Saturday (all creative post titles were taken)

Today dawned bright and sunny, perfect for Saturday Sky:

It was the perfect day for a drive.

Felicia, Felicia’s mom and I headed for Pueblo to take in the Pueblo Quilt & Stitch Expo. The Expo was mostly quilt, with very little stitch, so I wandered around and admired all the gorgeous quilts.

Here are my favorites:

And here are some others:

The Forest socks should be finished within the next day or so:

And finally for today, my security system:

I don’t have to pay a monthly fee. I just keep them stocked in kibble, treats, belly rubs and lots of love.


Keeping it simple (part two): feast and socks.

The Forest socks are moving towards the toes:

I’ve been on a Modern Marvels kick lately and most of the episodes require attentive viewing. Since all of my socks in progress also require attention, I cast on a pair of mindless socks:

This week’s Friday’s Feast:

What are you proud of?

My independence.

What is the best thing you’ve ever won as a prize?

I don’t think I’ve ever won anything. At least not anything I remember.

Name something you do that is a waste of time.

Hitting the snooze button too many times.

Main Course
In what year of your life did you change the most?


Where is a place you consider to be very tranquil?

My home.

Keeping it simple: socks, dogs.

I’ve finally made some progress on the Forest socks. They are both ready for their heel flaps:

This yarn is actually dark green. It’s a tad darker than how it appears in the photo.

Today’s portraits:

Lots of pictures to distract from the lack of knitting content.

I’ve been busy with non-knitting activities, so have no progress to show on my new socks. I do, however, have weather and critter pictures.

Yesterday afternoon a thunderstorm passed to the west of here. While the sun was shining at my house, other folks were experiencing the first thunderstorm of the season:

Some of the clouds were still around at sunset:

Here’s Parker in his favorite spot, on the back of the couch:

The girls enjoyed some more sunshine today. I find it amusing that Kishka follows Sam around like, well, a puppy dog:

They’ve become much closer since Max died. They haven’t fought since then, either.

Since spring has sprung, I’ve been letting girls outside more often so they can enjoy the beautiful weather. If I don’t go outside with them, though, Kishka just does this:

Yes, she’s staring at the door. On one hand, I think it’s very sweet that she wants to be with me. On the other hand, I think it’s kind of sad. I wish she would enjoy her time outside rather than just sitting there waiting for me to let her inside.

Samantha’s love of the pink bunny continues:

However, Sam’s been enjoying her nylabone, too:

She’s also been enjoying her naps:

I hope to have some time to knit this evening, so hopefully there will be progress on the socks soon.

Switching gears

I have a feeling that my obsessive tendency is going to be directed at socks for awhile. This landed in my mailbox yesterday:

After months of waiting, I can finally say it was worth the wait. I devoured the book yesterday and cast on this morning:

It was tough to decide which pattern to knit. I have a feeling this book will be dog-eared in record time.

I received a couple of questions about how many stitches I cast on for A Scarf With No Name. Since I record everything about every object that I knit, I consulted my handy dandy knitting notebook. However, I didn’t find the cast on number, I found this:

Yes, that says “metric assload”. I didn’t even try to count the stitches. What I do remember is that I used a 46″ circular needle and the long tail cast on and cast on until the needle was full.

Samantha’s love affair with the pink bunny continues:

The poor bunny is soggy, missing most of the stuffing and one ear is partially chewed off. It was well worth the $2.

I realize that I am extremely biased, but I think Kishka is one of the most gorgeous mutts I’ve ever seen.  I love to take pictures of her.

A plethora of pictures.

Yesterday’s Saturday Sky is courtesy of a very rainy and stormy day:

Today, however, dawned bright and sunny. It was the perfect day for hanging out downtown.

While watching people and dogs stroll by, I finished another scarf:

A Scarf With No Name





What: A Scarf With No Name

Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky: One full skein of Hot Blue and nearly one full skein of Hot Lime
Needles: sizes 10 Knit Picks Options
Pattern: Garter stitch

Date started: 3/23/07

Date finished: 3/25/07

Dimensions: 5″ x 76″, including fringe

Lesson Learned: I LOVE knitting the stripes in this direction.

Destination: Warm The World


I think my brief scarf obsession is over. I’m itching to get back to socks now.

Samantha spent some time today excavating her hidey-hole:

This made her very thirsty and here she is running for her water dish:

Once back inside, the girls took turns keeping watch on the neighborhood:

The cats have a room of their own (yes, really), but they usually hang out together:

Finally, here is Kishka. I’m quite certain she’s thinking “Please stop taking my picture. I’m trying to sleep.”

They really are flying off the needles.

When I started this run of scarves, I only intended to knit a couple of them. Now, it’s an obsession. I can’t stop: the yarn, the patterns, the instant gratification. It’s like a drug. And unlike Huey Lewis, I don’t want a new drug.



Ruffled Sunset Scarf

What: Ruffled Sunset Scarf
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky: One full skein of Carnival
Needles: sizes 10 & 17, Knit Picks Options
Baby Ruffle

Date started: 3/22/07

Date finished: 3/23/07

Dimensions: 7.5″ x 39″

Lesson Learned: None. I still love this yarn. The variegated is even softer than the solid colors.

Destination: Warm The World



There is another scarf on the needles. Tomorrow is supposed to be cool and rainy; perfect for knitting. I think the storm is already marching this way:

Photo Friday

Friday’s Feast:

Who is your favorite news anchor/reporter? Why?

Brian Williams. I’ve liked him ever since he had his own news show on MSNBC. I watch his Nightly News every night and read his blog. He’s the only anchor/reporter I can watch and feel like he/she knows what he/she is talking about. (Katie Couric I’m looking at you.)

Name 3 foods that are currently in your freezer.

Chicken, strawberries and peroigoes.

If you were to have the opportunity to name a new town or city, what would you call it?

Ack. I don’t like these silly questions.

Main Course
What will most likely be the next book you read?

1776. I’m going to start it tonight.

What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite gender?

If I’m close to him, the eyes. If it’s from a distance, the chest and arms.

Another scarf flew on and off the needles in less than 24 hours:

Green and Blue Scarf

What: Green and Blue Scarf
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky: One full skein of Circus
Needles: size 10, Knit Picks Options
Diagon-alley Scarf

Date started: 3/22/07

Date finished: 3/22/07

Dimensions: 3.75″ x 44″, including fringe

Lesson Learned: None. I still love this yarn.

Destination: Warm The World

I knit a bit more on the Pastel Rainbow socks:

I like how this pattern looks, but knitting it is boring me out of my skull.

So, I knit a little on the Berry Pink socks:

Parker likes to strike a pose on the back of the couch:

While Romeo prefers to curl up in his blanket:

Samantha’s love affair with the pink bunny continues:

Kishka finally got a chance to play with the bunny while Samantha was sleeping:

Kishka also kept a close eye on me:

The girls practiced synchronized sleeping:

A gorgeous afternoon:

morphed into another sensational sunset:

On a roll…

Scrappy Stripes Scarf

What: Scrappy Stripes Scarf
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky: ~1/4 skein of Pale Antique Rose and ~ 1 1/4 skein Hot Pink; lime and turquoise stripes are scraps from my stash
Needles: size 10, Knit Picks Options
Pattern: Rockin’ the garter stitch

Date started: 3/20/07

Date finished: 3/21/07

Dimensions: 7″ x 39″, excluding fringe
Lesson Learned: None. I still love this yarn.

Destination: Warm The World

I had a hard time capturing the hot pink of this scarf. It perfectly matches the ears of Samantha’s pink bunny:

Speaking of the bunny, Samantha still adores it:

Kishka wishes she could have a chance to play with it:


Bunny Pink Scarf

What: Bunny Pink Scarf
Yarn: Less than one skein of Bernat Softee Chunky in Pale Antique Rose
Needles: size 10, Knit Picks Options
Pattern: Karaoke Cable Scarf

Date started: 3/17/07

Date finished: 3/19/07

Dimensions: 4″ x 41″, including fringe
Lesson Learned: None. I continue to love this yarn and the cable pattern knit up very quickly.

Destination: Warm The World

Not much in this life is perfect, but this scarf is darn close. The needles, the yarn and the pattern all came together and created a scarf that was a joy to knit. It went so quickly, it’s hard to believe it’s finished already.

I’m not a fringe kind of girl, but I assume this scarf will end up around the neck of a little girl, so I added the fringe. I do think the fringe finished off the scarf rather nicely.

I have more of this yarn in my stash (in a brighter shade of pink) and am zeroing in on another pattern.  Or maybe I’ll just toss it on the needles and see what happens.