Flapping and feasting.

The socks. They have heel flaps.

I should be farther along on these socks, but I ran into technical difficulties. While knitting the first heel flap I was totally engrossed in an episode of Man Moment Machine. When the show ended, I looked at the heel flap and discovered that it was totally mucked up. I’m not quite sure what I did, but the stitch pattern was not what I thought I was knitting. So, I had to rip it and start over.

Friday’s are for feasting:

What does the color pink make you think of?
Rosy cheeks on a cold winter day.

Name something you thought you had lost, but later found.
The green and white checked blanket that was on my bed while I was growing up. A few years after I left home, I asked my mother to send it to me. She couldn’t find it and we assumed it had been lost to the sands of time. A couple of years later, she came to visit me in Colorado and surprised me with the blanket. She had found it packed away in the basement and it was one of the best gifts I have ever received. The blanket is torn and tattered and I don’t even use it anymore because it’s in such horrible shape (one tug by a dog and it would be dust). However, I like knowing that it’s stowed safely away and there whenever I want to see it.

In 3 words, describe this past week.
Lack of sleep.

Main Course
What are you obsessed with?

What kind of perfume or cologne do you like to wear?
I don’t own perfume. This admission may require me to turn in one of my X chromosomes, but I’ve never been a perfume kind of girl.

Now, for more Kishka Chronicles. Besides taking forever to eat her meals, she also like to flip her food bowl.

This habit of hers can actually be quite adorable. It’s also maddening because I’m always stepping on dog kibble.

I took the girls with me today while I ran errands. They both love the car, so it was quite a treat for them. When we arrived home, Samantha tried to chew on her Nylabone, but immediately fell asleep:


3 responses

  1. Your salad sounds like my salad. Yawn!

    Sorry about the sock, you’ll get it right on the 2nd go. 🙂

  2. Sorry about the ripping…the socks still look lovely.

    That is great about your blanket! Having something like precious like that returned to you after all this time is such an unexpected gift!

    The dogs look cute as ever.


  3. I hate ripping. I also hate stepping on kibble. Sadly, I need to get used to it, because for some obscure reason mu pooch prefers the kibble in his molecuball even if it’s the same as the one on his dish. And because he is anorexic, I just let him be as long as he eats something.

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