Colors, socks and puppies.

The pinky purple socks are coming along nicely. One is ready for the toe and the other is well past the heel:

Waiting in the wings is my newly acquired yarn:

I took the girls for a walk at sunset this evening. I didn’t take my camera and the sunset was spectacular. It started out with a soft pink sky, then everything turned golden and by the time I arrived home, it looked like this:

The walk wore out the girls. When we arrived home, they both tried to play with a toy but immediately fell asleep:

4 responses

  1. kristi and otis | Reply


  2. That new yarn is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it made up!

    The sunset was amazing!

    The dogs are so cute with their little stuffed toys!

    Ruinwen :)

  3. Oh my god! This sunset is spectacular! Good girls! Tired puppies are good puppies! ;o)

  4. Those puppy pictures are priceless. Now if only Beau would collapse like that after a walk. (sigh)

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