When the cat’s away, the mice do play.

Or, when the ISP/laptop are broken, the hands are knitting:

I’ve been having ISP/laptop problems and couldn’t access the Internet, so all my attention was focused on these socks. They are both ready to have the heel turned. The picture does not do this yarn justice. The colors are so bright and so vivid. It’s just gorgeous.

Today was a rather dreary looking day:

Samantha decided it was a perfect day for snoozing:


4 responses

  1. It’s amazing how the sock yarn turned out all even, both socks look the same! What yarn is this? It’s only rainy days where my dogs think snoozing is better than being outside! Dreary is not bad enough! ;o)

  2. Maybe I should stay away from the internet, I bet I would be a lot more productive. Nice socks!

  3. Your socks are looking lovely. That is such a gorgeous colorway.


  4. When I look at those socks, I swear it looks like you’re knitting velvet! My purple Jitterbug yarn is up on the needles. You, you, you sock enabler you!!!! What a great addiction to have and share with friends. No one goes to jail for sock knitting, your feet stay warm, and you get to fondle all the awesome sock yarn in great yarn shops.

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