Daily Archives: March 14th, 2007

Summer and socks

When I made the decision to knit socks from the top down, I knew that a risk of this method is running out of yarn. Because of this, I view each pair of socks as a bit of a gamble. When I cast on I always wonder if I’ll have enough yarn. Call me crazy, but it puts a zing of excitement into each pair of socks. I haven’t knit a ton of socks, but I’ve always won the yarn gamble.



Until the Jewel socks:


This is where the socks were when I came to the end of the skein. I was originally going to do a 5″ cuff on these socks, but I got cocky and knit a 6″ cuff. Obviously, I should have listened to my first instinct.



I dove into my stash and knit on:



Jewel Socks

What: Jewel Socks
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in Jewel*
Needles: size 3, Knit Picks dpn’s
Pattern: Garter Rib Pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks**

Date started: 3/8/07

Date finished: 3/14/07
Lesson Learned: None.

Destination: my feet!

* Used every bit of yarn and ran out before toe decreases were finished. Finished toes with Lion Wool in Ebony (size 1 Boye needles) and unlabeled orange yarn from my stash (size 2 Susan Bates needles).
** Pattern details: CO 64; 6″ leg; 8″ foot before toe decreases.

Ack! Please excuse the blindingly white legs. This is the first time they’ve seen the sun this year.

I adore this yarn. I would marry it if I could. It is a joy to knit and just glides off the needles. There will definitely be more Jitterbug socks in my future (but with 5″ cuffs!).

The next pair of socks will go on the needles this evening. I already have the yarn and the pattern picked out. Hmmmm….wonder what it will be…..

After a cold and snowy winter, we’ve skipped spring and have been enjoying a couple days of summer.

Puffy clouds floating by:

Dogs slobbering up the screen door window:

The hanging screen door is installed on the back door:

Dogs excavating the yard:

Playing fetch without freezing to death:

And the girls enjoying the sunshine: