Daily Archives: March 18th, 2007

A little bit of everything.

Yesterday dawned warm and sunny and this week’s Saturday sky is brought to you from Canon City:

Felicia and I were in Canon City attending the monthly meeting of Warm The World. This picture shows the finished items in the WTW inventory. The bags near the bottom are hats and scarves. The rest of it is blankets. Items on these shelves are tagged, counted and ready to be delivered.

When you look at this picture, it looks like WTW has a ton of inventory. However, when you consider that WTW supports many organizations this is not nearly enough.

This year WTW is supporting all of Fort Carson. Every baby born at the post will receive a handmade blanket from WTW. That’s estimated at 1400-1500 blankets. All of sudden these few hundred blankets in the picture don’t really seem like a lot.

WTW supplies yarn for it’s volunteers. Here is most of the WTW yarn stash:

See that empty spot in the middle? (I’ll zoom in for you.):

These are the cubbies for pink and purple yarn. WTW can’t keep these colors in stock. In fact, WTW is low on all pastel yarn. Do you have any pastel yarn around your home that you can donate? If you can, please consider sending it off to WTW. Besides yarn, WTW is also in need of gift cards for craft stores so that we can purchase yarn. If you can help, you can send any items to:

Warm the World
PO Box 1089
Canon City, CO 81215

Yesterday’s WTW meeting inspired me to throw a new scarf on the needles:

I’m calling this the Bunny Pink Scarf. It’s named after Sam’s new toy:

Shortly after Valentine’s Day I was at the store and came across a bin of stuffed animals that were 75% off. I picked up a few for the dogs. They destroy stuffed toys so quickly and I refuse to spend more than a couple of bucks on each toy. They don’t last long, but the toys see a lot of love:

All of that playing wears a girl out:

It’s a good thing I’ve got an attack cat keeping an eye on things: