A plethora of pictures.

Yesterday’s Saturday Sky is courtesy of a very rainy and stormy day:

Today, however, dawned bright and sunny. It was the perfect day for hanging out downtown.

While watching people and dogs stroll by, I finished another scarf:

A Scarf With No Name





What: A Scarf With No Name

Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky: One full skein of Hot Blue and nearly one full skein of Hot Lime
Needles: sizes 10 Knit Picks Options
Pattern: Garter stitch

Date started: 3/23/07

Date finished: 3/25/07

Dimensions: 5ā€³ x 76ā€³, including fringe

Lesson Learned: I LOVE knitting the stripes in this direction.

Destination: Warm The World


I think my brief scarf obsession is over. I’m itching to get back to socks now.

Samantha spent some time today excavating her hidey-hole:

This made her very thirsty and here she is running for her water dish:

Once back inside, the girls took turns keeping watch on the neighborhood:

The cats have a room of their own (yes, really), but they usually hang out together:

Finally, here is Kishka. I’m quite certain she’s thinking “Please stop taking my picture. I’m trying to sleep.”

7 responses

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and admiring my knitting! The buttons are from when my children were little ….. at least 25 years old! I love the pictures on your blog. Just makes you want to pet a kitty and scratch behind some doggy ears!

  2. Kishka always makes us laugh. I share her pictures with my son, who loves dogs, of course. But all your pets photos are great!

  3. Those pictures of the sky are just georgous and the animals are as cute as ever! šŸ™‚

  4. I’ve been reading your blog a few weeks, and love the pics of your adorable dogs.

    I’m still a somewhat new, and often unimaginative, knitter. I get inspiration from the scarves you make and photograph. I first learned about Warm the World on your website.

    I really like the Bernat Softee Chunky scarf. I don’t live anywhere near a LYS (or craft store), but our local Wal-Mart recently began carrying that yarn. I had held off buying any until I could think of something to knit with it. Now I have something, thank you very much! šŸ™‚

    Do you, by chance, remember how many stitches you cast on to get that length?

  5. Nice scarf! I love those colours together. And the girls are all so lovely!

  6. OMGoodness your dogs and cats are gorgeous… I have two dogs and a 20 lb cat named darla. I thought it funny that your cats have their own room. At my home my cat reign supreme so the dogs have a luxury garage to hang out and all of the back yard. When the dogs come in to visit its total Kalamity.. so we tend to keep the dogs apart from the Darla.
    Ohh Kishka is totally adorable. One of my dogs is German Shephard/collie and the other is German Shepard/chow.

  7. What beautiful sky and outdoor pictures. Tell Samantha that is a lovely hole, I’m sure she’ll havep lenty of lovely hours laying in the cool dirt.

    It’s good to have such mindful animals that watch the neighborhood for you. Can you imagine what it’d be like if they were able to tell us all about what they saw, oh the stories they could tell!

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