Daily Archives: March 28th, 2007

Lots of pictures to distract from the lack of knitting content.

I’ve been busy with non-knitting activities, so have no progress to show on my new socks. I do, however, have weather and critter pictures.

Yesterday afternoon a thunderstorm passed to the west of here. While the sun was shining at my house, other folks were experiencing the first thunderstorm of the season:

Some of the clouds were still around at sunset:

Here’s Parker in his favorite spot, on the back of the couch:

The girls enjoyed some more sunshine today. I find it amusing that Kishka follows Sam around like, well, a puppy dog:

They’ve become much closer since Max died. They haven’t fought since then, either.

Since spring has sprung, I’ve been letting girls outside more often so they can enjoy the beautiful weather. If I don’t go outside with them, though, Kishka just does this:

Yes, she’s staring at the door. On one hand, I think it’s very sweet that she wants to be with me. On the other hand, I think it’s kind of sad. I wish she would enjoy her time outside rather than just sitting there waiting for me to let her inside.

Samantha’s love of the pink bunny continues:

However, Sam’s been enjoying her nylabone, too:

She’s also been enjoying her naps:

I hope to have some time to knit this evening, so hopefully there will be progress on the socks soon.