If a picture is worth a thousand words…

…this is going to be a very long post.

Tonight’s sunset was, once again, spectacular. It was so spectacular that more than one photograph is required to showcase its splendor:

The first Iris sock is knitting up quickly:

Sam’s pink bunny has taken a beating, so i introduced another toy in the hopes of making the bunny last longer. Sam loves the purple bear almost as much as the pink bunny:

I didn’t mean to do it, but today ended up being portrait day in this house.

I managed to get an eye level shot of Kishka:

I snapped Samantha as she looked out the window:

Parker stopped batting at the camera long enough for me to take his picture:

And finally, the shy boy Romeo. He would not open his eyes for the camera.

And finally, furry paws!


11 responses

  1. kristi and otis | Reply

    Breathtaking sunset and pretty fur kids?? I would NEVER leave home!

  2. Again I say, what a GORGEOUS place to live! Your kids are adorable, as always, and much better behaved for a camera than I can ever get mine to be, with the exception of our cat who’s simply too lazy to run from the camera.

  3. Wild pictures! Love them! I’ve been playing with my photography too! ;o)

  4. Wow, the photos of the sunset are gorgeous! The second one looks like a painting.

  5. Such great shots of the animals! That sky is so colorful; you always take the best photos! I love the new sock colors too! 🙂

  6. Holy Cow, that’s the most amazing sky! Those colours! I wonder is I can get that in a laceweight…

    p.s. cute paws!

  7. I nearly cried at all the amazing photos, I’m a tad emotional today, I have a stomach bug and it’s making me emotional, because I feel like crap.

    But those are amazing photos of the kids. Thank you for sharing them with me.

  8. As always your pictures are wonderful. I am totally IN LOVE with the eye level picture of Kishka.

  9. I love the colors in that sunset…in fact, I’d love to spin them up!

  10. What a beautiful sunset!

    Romeo looks like my cat Sam. He lives with my parents now because they didn’t want me to take him when I got married.

  11. Really nice sunset and as usual, lovely critters. Congratulations on your last pair of socks, that seemed a pretty challenging pattern.

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