Socks on parade.

The Iris socks are knitting for home:

The Pastel Rainbow socks are (finally!) past the heel:

The Socks of Spring have their cuffs finished:

Samantha loves her toys. Here she is with her (now headless) purple bear:

And, thanks to post Easter clearance sales, here is her new rabbit:

Finally, last night’s sunset:


2 responses

  1. So cute! That’s how Biko is resting as well, head on a stuffed (or not so anymore) animal. The socks rock! So colorful, I love it! ;o)

  2. kristi and otis | Reply

    What pattern is the second pair of socks? Love it! Otis had a smiling octupus and after a week it was just a smiling stump named “Happy Stump”. Don’t you wish you could bite the heads off of things sometimes? I think they are on to something.

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