Simply Thursday.

I’m feeling restless with my current socks. I like them, but I keep itching to cast on new socks. Here’s what is on the needles now:

I’ve received a few questions about my Paas dyed yarn, specifically: “How did you get all those colors by just throwing it all in the pot?”

I should have explained this in my original post. Obviously, it wasn’t just a case of tossing the dye and yarn together and hoping for the best. It was actually a comedy of errors that managed to turn out wonderfully.

I originally dyed the yarn pink. However, the yarn sucked up the dye before I could get the whole skein swished around, so the skein was about half pink and half not dyed. I decided to mix up the ‘spring green’ dye tablet and paint the undyed portions of the skein. However, being the klutz that I am, I accidentally dropped the green dye tablet in the dye bath, and not the in container I had set aside for it. The pink and green combined to make a color that can only be described as ‘dog puke brown’. It wasn’t pretty.

At this point, I just wanted to save the skein so I picked the darkest color tablet (‘denim’) and mixed up two tablets of this color. I poured the dark blue dye into the dye pot, mixed it up and walked away for an hour or so. When I returned, I was very happy to see the green/blue/yellow/touch-of-pink skein that you saw in the last post.

Maybe I’ll cast this yarn on the needles next. I’m curious to see how it turns out.

Samantha recently discovered my shawl lying across the back of the couch. She pulled it down, balled it up and went to sleep:

Kishka is a simple girl. She just uses the pillow:


5 responses

  1. Oh what wonderful puppies! I just found your blog through Tag Surfer and when I saw Kishka I just had to comment. Is she an Alaskan Malamute? I’m asking because I swear that my Father owns her twin. I have never seen two dogs who look so much alike! I’ll have to find a picture of our Tarhe to show you.

    Anyway, I really like your blog. Lot’s of nice knits, and you can’t beat that puppy love. 🙂

  2. Those are all wonderful socks in progress! I think you’ve got to many projects, because they are so beautiful, you can’t stick to just one. ;o) Loveley pics as usual. I love dyeing accidents!

  3. I caught my breath when I saw your rainbow socks! Unintentional though it may have been, the colors are right up my alley…brilliant!

    And what is it about the dogs? My sweet Maggie will hop on the couch (she’s allowed) and paw at the throw pillows there until one or more of them suits her comfort configuration, and then cashes out, head on pillow. I think it’s adorable. Dh says, “Dogs don’t need pillows!”

    Apparently they *like* pillows!

    Do you feel the need to perhaps cap the number of socks you have on the needles at any one time? Or will it finally become self-limiting when you realize that you’ll have to go buy yet more needles?

    It’s Friday! Yay!

  4. Those socks are spectacular! Their patterns really show off the colorways! I love the lattice work on the pink sock! 🙂

    For a dyeing accident that is such a beautiful skein…I might just try and recreate it (grin)

  5. I can’t wait to see that yarn dyed up. It came out so pretty. I have a bunch of socks on the needles too and still would like to cast on another pair. I am making myself finish one pair before I do though. Well, I don’t think I have any more sock needles either.

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