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Health is not valued till sickness comes. ~ Dr. Thomas Fuller (1654-1734)

This is the most exciting bit of knitting that I’ve knit in a long time:

It’s just an inch of 2×2 ribbing, but it makes me exceedingly happy. It’s the only sock knitting I’ve done in almost a month. With the exception of the Rock-a-thon, it’s also the only knitting I’ve done.

I’ve been battling back pain for a few months and a few weeks ago it got to the point where it was disabling to every aspect of my life. I hobbled to my doctor, who referred me to a physical therapist. The PT declared me a classic case of a twisted pelvis.

Yes, it’s as painful as the description in the link makes it sound. I’ve broken bones before and had surgery. This pain is worse than any of that. So, I am a model PT patient. In addition to the formal therapy I’m doing my stretches, lying on my side as much as possible and walking with a cane (just call me The Gimp).

Up until today, I didn’t think I could knit because it hurts too much to sit. After my PT appointment today, I met Felicia at Pikes Perk. We spent the afternoon knitting, gabbing and watching thunderstorms roll over the city. I accomplished that tiny bit of sock knitting while relaxing on a couch. That inspired me to rearrange my couch pillows so I can knit and still keep weight off my problem area.

You have no idea how happy this makes me. Suddenly, being ordered off my feet doesn’t sound so bad.


Memorial Day.


As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I spent last Saturday rocking and knitting for Warm The World. Emily of Colorado Fiber Arts organized a fantastic event. The sidewalk in front of her store was lined with rockers:

One of the local TV stations showed up to interview Nan, our founder:

I didn’t take enough pictures, but Felicia has a whole post full of pictures here.  Emily at Colorado Fiber Arts has more pictures here.

As I’ve mentioned before, WTW is a non-profit organization with 501-(c)3 designation and operates solely on donations. There are no paid staff members. Everything (yarn, patterns, needles, hooks) is donated to WTW.

Our first rock-a-thon was a huge success:

Money donations: $1010.26


145 pounds of yarn


1 pair felted slippers

12 scarves

10 adult hats

5 helmet liners

23 kids hats

58 squares

6 adult afghans

13 baby afghans

Thank you to everyone who donated to Warm The World. If you would like to donate, you can do so here.

If you are in the area, you can drop off donations (yarn, needles, money, squares, etc.) at Colorado Fiber Arts.

Dogs and cats and yarn, oh my!

I’m still knitting socks, but haven’t taken any pictures, so I shall distract you with critter pictures.

Kishka has been looking very photogenic lately:

Samantha isn’t fond of sharing her stuffed toys:

The girls have been hanging out together:

Parker with a determined look on his face:

Samantha keeping an eye on things (she’s watching out the front window in this pic):

And Romeo, hiding his gorgeous blue eyes:

Next up on the needles:

We have stripes.

Stripe-y Socks

What: Stripe-y Socks
Yarn: One skein of Trekking in color 144
Needles: sizes 1 & 3, KnitPicks dpn’s*

Pattern: Just a basic sock, with guidance from More Sensational Knitted Socks**

Date started: 4/11/07

Date finished: 5/1/07

Lesson Learned: Go with first instinct on needle size.

Destination: my feet!

* I started with size 3 dpn’s, but when I got to the stockinette stitch I didn’t like how loose the fabric looked. I ripped back to the end of the cuff, switched to size 1 dpn’s and increased the stitch count.

** CO 64 with size 3. Knit 2″ in K2P2. Switch to size 1 and increase one stitch every other row until there are 72 stitches. 7″ leg, stockinette heel with garter edge and 8″ foot before toe decreases.

I was starting to sweat near the end of the these socks, but I won this round of the ‘is there enough yarn?’ game.