We have stripes.

Stripe-y Socks

What: Stripe-y Socks
Yarn: One skein of Trekking in color 144
Needles: sizes 1 & 3, KnitPicks dpn’s*

Pattern: Just a basic sock, with guidance from More Sensational Knitted Socks**

Date started: 4/11/07

Date finished: 5/1/07

Lesson Learned: Go with first instinct on needle size.

Destination: my feet!

* I started with size 3 dpn’s, but when I got to the stockinette stitch I didn’t like how loose the fabric looked. I ripped back to the end of the cuff, switched to size 1 dpn’s and increased the stitch count.

** CO 64 with size 3. Knit 2″ in K2P2. Switch to size 1 and increase one stitch every other row until there are 72 stitches. 7″ leg, stockinette heel with garter edge and 8″ foot before toe decreases.

I was starting to sweat near the end of the these socks, but I won this round of the ‘is there enough yarn?’ game.



7 responses

  1. Great socks! Way to make it to the end with enough yarn.

  2. Those socks are beautiful. I was drawn to this yarn even before I knew it was Trekking! Wow, that was close! I’m happy for you that you won this time! ;o)

  3. They look great! And WHEW, there was enough yarn. 🙂

  4. They came out great! I love the pink and purple toes. That blanket you did your photo-op on is lovely too. Glad the yarn Faerie was good to you! 🙂

  5. Awesome socks! Glad you didn’t run out of yarn!

  6. Gorgeous socks! Did you also crochet the afghan in the background? It’s beautiful!

  7. Close call! I’ve been there too. One of these days I’m going to get me a kitchen scale so I can divide skeins in half without the stress.

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