Dogs and cats and yarn, oh my!

I’m still knitting socks, but haven’t taken any pictures, so I shall distract you with critter pictures.

Kishka has been looking very photogenic lately:

Samantha isn’t fond of sharing her stuffed toys:

The girls have been hanging out together:

Parker with a determined look on his face:

Samantha keeping an eye on things (she’s watching out the front window in this pic):

And Romeo, hiding his gorgeous blue eyes:

Next up on the needles:


9 responses

  1. Sigh…I can depend on your blog for my cute pooch fix. 🙂

  2. Kishka really is photogenic, Sam’s the same inclination as our Biko. She has to be surrounded with toys, then falls asleep. Your pictures are all wonderful, as usual. Why oh why didn’t you share what yarn you are using! I think it looks familiar, but who knows, there’s lot of yarn out there. The not knowing will kill me! ;o)

  3. Your babies are adorable.
    The yarn looks soft & cuddly, too. 😀

  4. beautiful pics – what lovely dogs and cats you have.

  5. Samantha is stunning.

  6. Those are some of the cutest…professional looking pics I’ve seen of your furry family. 🙂

  7. Your pooches are adorable. Mine just looks like a smart ass half the time – that might be the photographer’s fault though 😉

  8. Those should be posters, or calendars, or wall hangings, something, espeically that first one of Kishka. I don’t know how you ever leave her even for a moment, I’d just stare at her all day.

  9. Samantha shares her stuffed toys the same way I share my pillows at night. Not so much. LOL
    Your pets are beauties. 🙂

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