Daily Archives: June 5th, 2007

One step up and two steps back.

Just when I’d gotten into my knitting groove again…*poof!*…it’s over.

I had PT today and there may be something else going on in addition to the twisted pelvis. My home therapy has changed: I’m now walking (or rather, gimping), stretching my back and lying on my stomach and back. I’m supposed to sit as little as possible. So, no more knitting.

I’m trying not to be too bummed out. My main goal in life right now is to get better and get my life back. Still, it’s disappointing that knitting is now off the table (since there’s no way I can knit while flat on my back; believe me, I tried). On the up side, it’s nice to be ordered to walk, instead of being told not to walk. That’s progress.

I did take some cool cloud pics on my way home today:

And the always adorable Miss Kish:

Hopefully the knitting pics will return soon. Cross your needles for me!