One step up and two steps back.

Just when I’d gotten into my knitting groove again…*poof!*…it’s over.

I had PT today and there may be something else going on in addition to the twisted pelvis. My home therapy has changed: I’m now walking (or rather, gimping), stretching my back and lying on my stomach and back. I’m supposed to sit as little as possible. So, no more knitting.

I’m trying not to be too bummed out. My main goal in life right now is to get better and get my life back. Still, it’s disappointing that knitting is now off the table (since there’s no way I can knit while flat on my back; believe me, I tried). On the up side, it’s nice to be ordered to walk, instead of being told not to walk. That’s progress.

I did take some cool cloud pics on my way home today:

And the always adorable Miss Kish:

Hopefully the knitting pics will return soon. Cross your needles for me!


7 responses

    I’m soooo sorry! I have been a little bit behind the gun in blogging and didn’t know what you were going thru.
    Please take good care of yourself!

  2. I’m so sorry you had to stop knitting. But life comes in cycles and I’m sure the knitting will return. I’m keeping you in my prayers and healing circle.

  3. Super cloud pictures! I wish you a speedy recovery!

  4. Wait a minute, you can lay down on your belly, yes? If so, can you lay down on your bed on your tummy, head propped up on a wee pillow, and let the knitting hang a bit off the edge of your bed?

  5. Oh that’s lousy, but hopefully you’ll be back with your needles soon. And until then, as you know, I’m always happy for puppy pictures. They make me smile.

  6. Oh no… I hope you heal quickly!

  7. Bless your heart! I guess we’ll have to make do with pics of your beautiful Colorado sky (you wouldn’t believe how much bluer your low humidity sky is than mine here in northeast Texas), and your darling 4 legged babies. Get better!

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