Daily Archives: July 11th, 2007

To be brief is almost a condition of being inspired. ~ George Santayana

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments about the picture of Kishka in the last post. I realize that post was totally self-indulgent, but when I saw that picture of her I just had to share it.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that my charity of choice is Warm The World. I’ve been serving on the board since the beginning of this year and one of my projects has been developing a blog. It’s finally finished and you can see the new Warm The World blog here. Felicia and I will be writing the blog and we’re both excited about this new form of communication with the volunteers.

I’ve been knitting on the Pink Clouds socks, but I haven’t taken a picture. Since a picture-less blog is a boring blog, here’s a classic shot of The Three Stooges (picture was taken in June 2004).