Feel the fear and do it anyway. ~ Susan Jeffers

Lately, I’ve been quite fond of garter stitch.

Here’s a new scarf:

I’ve also picked up a project that’s hasn’t been seen in almost a year:

Romeo loves his cave:

Kishka was very cooperative during a photo shoot earlier today:

Until she got bored:

Sadly, there has been another murder around here. And this time, there was a witness:

Is there anything lovelier than a summer afternoon?:

6 responses

  1. Gee, too bad the witness cannot talk, there’s no way of knowing who the killer was. Do you have any suspects?

  2. Oh, I love the Log Cabin! With the grey background the colors pop right out of the picture! Kishka is sooo pretty, even when bored. She’s getting used to being a star? Eh?
    I don’t have forensic evidence, no picutres, but we had a murder her too. The cleanup was quick but silent, suspects are sitting pretty, and looking cute, but they can’t fool me. ;o)

  3. Oh the log cabin looks so pretty with all those bright colors! Kishka is so adorable…and what a great place for Romeo! 🙂

  4. I love the bright colors in your log cabin. I’m so glad the animals obliged the pictures.

  5. I think the cat toy was pretty traumatized by the destruction.


    And add me with another “the log cabin square looks great!” comment.

  6. just scrolling down for a few day’s worth.

    hilarious murder. an i say that?

    and you’re socks are yummy. they make me want to try them, but… i’m a chicken.

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