Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

The Socks of Spring (last seen here) have been frogged. The combination of yarn, needles and pattern just wasn’t working. I never enjoyed knitting them, not even a row or two at a time. Life’s too short to knit something you know you won’t like, so they’ve hit the frog pond.

Also, the just finished Tropical Monkey socks may be heading to the frog pond, too. I love how these socks look, but I wore them and I hated them. I got gauge and followed the pattern exactly, but the socks are way too big.

I’m considering these three options:

  • Frog them completely and knit another pattern with this yarn.
  • Frog back to the heel, decrease stitches and reknit the Monkey pattern on the foot.
  • Keep the Monkey pattern on the leg and knit a plain foot.

I know I won’t wear the socks again as they are and I love this yarn too much for it to just sit in my sock drawer.

My parents were in town last week and we hit the road to check out fall in Colorado (for the locals: this is Highway 67, between Divide and Cripple Creek).


One response

  1. Pretty – my vote is leave the cuff in Monkey and knit a plain foot – no one sees the foot part anyway and it will feel more comfy and snug. Gorgeous fall shot!

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