Monthly Archives: February, 2008

I don’t want to live in a world where I have to eat sugar-free sugar cookies. ~ Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World, 2005

If you live in the U.S. and have seen the news lately, you’ve probably heard about this year’s wicked flu bug. I lost about a week of knitting time thanks to this flu. It knocked me on my back for several days and even though I feel fine now, I’m still exhausted. The moral of my story: I’m getting a flu shot next year. 🙂

The Vacation Hoodie is almost finished. I’m blocking the button band now:

All that’s left is seaming and sewing on the buttons. The blow by blow details of this project are on Ravelry.

I started my next sweater. This one is a pullover and this is the back piece:

I also have a scarf on the needles:

The girls have been sharing the chair in front of the window lately:


We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves. ~ Lynn Hall

I’m making steady progress on my Vacation Hoodie. The hood is almost done and the sleeves are blocking (excuse the shoddy pictures…..they were taken indoors at night):

The majority of my knitting these days is being done while enjoying TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar. I say this every year, but I have got to get a bigger Tivo. There just isn’t enough space to record all the fantastic movies. I love seeing my favorite movies (Casablanca, The Philadelphia Story) and discovering new favorites (like Hold Your Man). In terms of movies, I was definitely born about 50 years too late. Give me Grant, Gable or Bogie over any of the movie stars out there today.

My girls are still doing what they do best:

The other day I snapped a picture of Samantha and I think it’s my favorite picture I’ve ever taken of her (and I’ve taken a lot!):