We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves. ~ Lynn Hall

I’m making steady progress on my Vacation Hoodie. The hood is almost done and the sleeves are blocking (excuse the shoddy pictures…..they were taken indoors at night):

The majority of my knitting these days is being done while enjoying TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar. I say this every year, but I have got to get a bigger Tivo. There just isn’t enough space to record all the fantastic movies. I love seeing my favorite movies (Casablanca, The Philadelphia Story) and discovering new favorites (like Hold Your Man). In terms of movies, I was definitely born about 50 years too late. Give me Grant, Gable or Bogie over any of the movie stars out there today.

My girls are still doing what they do best:

The other day I snapped a picture of Samantha and I think it’s my favorite picture I’ve ever taken of her (and I’ve taken a lot!):


11 responses

  1. It’s good to see the girls again. I agree, that is a fantastic shot of Samantha. 🙂

  2. Yea! Pictures of the girls! Your hoodie is looking good, too.

  3. Awh what cuties! You take the best pics! Your hoodie is going to be georgous! I just love the color! 🙂

  4. That’s a great picture!

    Thanks for the reminder about TCM and their Oscar stuff. I used to watch a LOT of TCM. But in the past few years, I’ve gotten distracted by Law and Order: Various Things.

  5. Lucky you to have TCM. I can’t get it here unless I take 60 other useless channels so I just have peasant tv instead. But I do have a great dvd collection of which Grant, Bogie, Jimmy Stewart and Kate Hepburn are the stars! Can never go wrong popping one of those in the player.

    And what a lucky dog-mum to have such beautiful girls! Gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous shot!

  7. Oh my goodness, you are right, this IS a fantastic photo! I love it.

  8. Those doggies look nice, but a little scary! I’m just a little baby bunny, after all.

  9. I love those puppy eyes of hers… The good thing about falling out of the loop for a while is that when I return, I find the wonderful progress friends have made with their projects. It seems that you will finish that hoodie pretty soon.

  10. What a wonderful shot…it’s professional quality! It’s all misty and soft. I admire your persistance with the hoodie too. I guess I must have knitter’s commitment issues. I can’t even bring myself to work on full pair of socks half the time!

  11. It’s 3:24am and I stumbled across here via who knows what link…and OMG..your girls are just beyond gorgeous! I’m just amazed at how beautiful they are, you are certainly lucky to have two such beautiful girls. I’m so visiting again in hopes of seeing more of them. Oh yes, your hoodie…fabulous! I’m inspired to knit one myself.

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