Energy and persistence conquer all things. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Last night, I seamed up my Vacation Hoodie. Then I tried it on and the nagging feeling that I’ve had for a few weeks smacked me in the head. The hood isn’t right. Sure, the sweater looks fine:

But it looks awful on me. The hood completely ruins how the sweater fits and how it drapes. Everything else looks great, but that damn hood mucked up the whole thing.

I wasn’t sure about the hood from day one and I should have left it off and knit a collar instead. I’m planning a hoodectomy for the sweater and will start that as soon as I work up my nerve (and maybe have a drink or two).

With the notable exception of the hood, I love this sweater and already have the yarn for my next Central Park Hoodie (without a hood):

Taking that simple picture of this yarn was harder than you might think:

It’s a good thing she’s so adorable:

My faithful watchdog (she’s looking out the front window):


7 responses

  1. kristi and otis | Reply

    Lay yarn like that in a pile outside at my house and you will have one pupster lifting a leg and calling it “his” yarn. What is it about hoods? There is something odd about they seem to work up on ANY sweater…maybe it’s my head and I just don’t want to admit it. Any chance of a photo of you wearing it????

  2. It’s too bad about the hood. I like hoodies though. I like your new yarn. I’m knitting something in this color, but a very different yarn. Pups are cute as always. How’s Sam doing?

  3. Well, rats! I’m so sorry about the hoodie.

    On a happier note, the pup and yarn pics are cute. I have that same problem with my little Min Pin whenever I try and take pictures. Yet, let me try and take a picture of HER and she runs and hides.

  4. Oh drat…sorry about the hoodie…hope the operation is a success. What is it about yarn that dogs, cats, children and meandering husbands have to investigate it? Non-hoodie will be georgous in that spring green! 🙂

  5. Sorry you don’t like the hood on your new sweater. I am pretty sure having a drink is required for hoodectomies. Good luck with it!

  6. Stupid hood!

    Those nagging feelings deserve more attention than they usually get. Denial is bliss.

  7. Sorry about the hoodie. I’ll be crossing my fingers and sending my cheers for the hoodectomy. May it be successful and allow you to start your new hoodless hoodie right away.

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