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Day 31: Perfect day for a walk.

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. ~ Lord Byron

Hey, look!  This post has words!

I’m one month into my 365 project, so I figured it was time for some reflection

Wow.  This is hard.  I didn’t expect the 365 project to be easy, but I also didn’t expect to have days where I wander around the house in the late evening desperately looking for a subject to photograph.   Thankfully, this hasn’t happened too often and I’ve had just as many days where I have to choose my photo of the day out of five or six great pictures.

Throughout January I spent some time thinking about just what I want to get out of this project.  My main goal is to document my life.  It’s already working.  When I look back on the January pictures I am reminded of some ordinary days that would otherwise be forgotten.  That alone makes this project worthwhile.

This project also has me looking at the world differently.  I’m noticing light and shadow more than I ever have.  I also spend my time at red lights looking all around me instead of staring blankly at the car in front of me.

I’m grateful that so many of you have stuck around while I take this blog in a new direction.   Thank you.

On to usual blog topics…

I posted a picture of my finished Kermit Sweater on January 10.   Here are some more pictures:

I’m pretty happy with how this sweater turned out.  I could easily have gone down to the next size.  The sweater is huge.  I like my sweaters a bit baggy, but this is pushing it.  I intended for this to be a casual sweater (for knocking around the house or to wear while running errands) so I’m not too disappointed.  I’m thinking about shortening it a few inches, though.  The Cascade 220 grew a lot (lengthwise) when it was soaked.

As always, details are on my Ravelry page.

My current WIP is a lovely pair of pink socks:

Unlike the rest of the country, we’ve had a pretty mild winter in my neck of the woods.  So when the world froze over earlier this week, I had to get outside and capture it:

I always have a tough time getting nice pictures of Romeo, so I was thrilled with this one:

I’ve also been taking an obnoxious number of dog pictures:

Maybe next year I should post a dog picture a day.  I don’t think I’d have a problem doing that!

Day 30: Looking back.

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Day 27: Frozen prairie through the fence.

Day 26: Looking out.

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Day 24: Drying.

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