A sprint to the finish.

Back in May, I cast on a baby blanket for a close friend of mine.

Two weekends ago, the blanket looked like this:

One week before the shower.

This was also just seven days before her baby shower.


All that week I came home from work and knit the evening away. On Saturday (the day before the shower), I knit all day and far into the night. I took a four hour break to sleep and continued knitting on Sunday morning. 30 minutes before I had to leave for the shower, I finished the blanket:


The mother loved it and it was a big hit at the shower.

Close up

Close up of cables and lace

I tend to procrastinate, but I’ve never cut a knitting deadline this close. I still can’t believe I finished it.

Lace section


Details are on my Ravelry page.

Close up

I haven’t knit since I cast off this blanket, but I’ve been eyeing all the socks I have in progress.

I think the sock bug is about to bite me.

4 responses

  1. What a lovely baby blanket! Nothing better than a deadline to finish things. :o)

  2. It’s beautiful Kathy, I had no idea how complicated (is the that the right term in knitting talk?) lol, the blanket was, it looks fabulous. It will probably be “the” blanket. Every baby ends up with one special blanket that you always have close by. Zack’s was handmade by a friend of a friend and my mom made Meg’s. What a cool gift!

  3. What a beautiful gift! That’s a lucky baby.

  4. What a pretty blanket, no wonder it was such a great hit. As I read your older posts and try to catch up, I realize that I. must. get. sock blank. NOW!
    I’m green with envy!

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