In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. ~ Aristotle

Fall is in the air, so it’s the perfect time for a new pair of socks to come off the needles.


These socks are called the Colorado Sunset socks. That’s because these socks began as a picture I took last spring.

72/365:  Day is done.

A couple of days later I set out to recreate the sunset colors in yarn.

74/365:  Dye, dye, baby.

The sock blank looked promising.

Sock Blank

The socks delivered on that promise.


Sides of socks



6 responses

  1. Oh how lovely! The whole post is well composed. Did you knit them 2 at a time toe up?

  2. I did knit them 2 at a time, toe up. I do my 2 at a time on separate needles, though.

  3. Very lovely. I love the color of the socks.

  4. Wow! What an awesome job you did dyeing those!

  5. Fabulous!! The colors are a great match for the real thing!

  6. That was a great post! You made me smile. Your socks, as usual are gorgeous.

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