Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. ~ Epicurus (341 BC – 270 BC)

There has been stash enhancement:



I bought this yarn (and the yarn in the last post) in 2009 because I’ve set a goal for 2010: I want to knit entirely from my stash this year and not buy any more yarn.  I have so much gorgeous sock yarn (and it’s all documented on Ravelry if you care to check it out 🙂 ).  I need to use it and appreciate it so 2010 is the year of Sock Knitting From My Stash.   I’m posting about it here to keep myself accountable.   

One exception:   this does not count my current credit at The Loopy Ewe.    I can spend that credit this year, but that’s it.

After ten days at home I had some separation anxiety when I returned to work on Monday. When I came home I saw this:

Waiting for me

Sadie continues her love of being upside down:

Upside down

I watched a news program at the end of last year and one reporter declared the last decade as the time in history when technology took the biggest leap forward. I agree with him.

I was thinking about this the other night when I was lying in bed browsing the internet on my phone. I have an app on my phone that hooks into web cams around the world. I was watching scenes (live or close to it) from around the world while lying warm and cozy in my bed. I was also able to capture what I was seeing and here are my two favorite pictures from that night.

I watched the sun rise over the mountains in Austria:

And then I watched the sun rise in Paris:

What a wonderful world.


4 responses

  1. Happy New Year Kathy. You’ve been busy. I need to do some stash enhancement soon!

  2. I can imagine how hard it was to go to work again, and leave the furries home alone! Do you know where in Austria this was? Last summer my daughter was in Austria, and she was going swimming to the outdoor pool from the little town where we are from. My son found out, that they have a webcam installed. I called her (she had my moms cell phone) and told her she should let me know when she’ll be there. We talked on the phone, and I saw her walking into the picture. She waved to me, while we talked, and I could see her so far away. That was totally cool, and also a little freaky!

  3. Monika – The webcam says it’s Klagenfurt. It appears to be a ski resort (last night I watched someone put his skies on and ski away).

  4. I love how you tell a story here with pictures. Very cool.

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