Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path of joy. ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Kishka had a vet appointment yesterday and I had him look at her leg. I thought she hurt it at the park last week (she’s had a heck of a limp all week). It turns out she has a severe case of arthritis in one of her knees. It’s so severe that if she were a younger dog (Kish is around 10 years old), my vet would recommend a knee replacement. Because of Kish’s age, it’s about management of pain.

Kish has new food (with lots of joint friendly supplements) and a bottle of pain pills. Her days of fetch are over (too much stress on the knee due to the sudden stops and starts).

The park, however, is still in the picture so we spent part of our weekend there.

The girls went exploring together:


They looked for squirrels:

Kishka looks for squirrels

Sadie looks up

They were very excited to see that part of the stream was unfrozen so that they could go splashing:

Girls in stream

Sadie was so happy that she couldn’t stop barking with joy:

Sadie barks

Some of the stream thawed and was flowing throw the frozen parts of the stream:

Water flowing through frozen stream

I sat on this log and took pictures:

Log over frozen stream

Sadie loves to play Chase. Kishka does not play Chase. She never has (Max and Sam used to play it and would try to get her to join them) and Sadie has learned to not even try to engage her.

When we go to the park Sadie always looks for dogs who will play with her. On this day she was successful:

Sadie and friend

Sadie with flying ears

Sadie having fun

Sadie runs

Sadie runs

Chase makes Sadie very happy:

Sadie is happy

Kishka enjoyed exploring the frozen parts of the stream:

Kish on ice

Kishk on ice

Wooing at her sister (she loves to order Sadie around):

Kishka wooing behind Sadie

And drinking the ice cold water:

Kishka enjoys the cold water

We all enjoyed relaxing on the bank above the stream:

Girls hanging out above the stream

I had a comment a few posts ago about how svelte Sadie is looking. Since I see her everyday, her weight loss isn’t as noticeable to me. I know she’s lost weight, but I tend to focus on how much more she has to lose.

I went back to one of the first pictures I ever took of her back in March of 2008.

Here’s what she looked like then:


And yesterday:

Sadie sits

Wow. Those 18 lbs. she’s lost have really made a difference! She still has more to lose (which will be made tougher with Kishka’s limitations on exercise), but she has come a long way. Even if she doesn’t lose another pound, she is much healthier than she was when I adopted her.

I’m making slow but steady progress on the Film Noir socks.

Film Noir socks

I had a question about who makes this yarn. It’s by Sweet Paprika. They have a website and also sell through The Loopy Ewe.   I’m a sucker for self striping yarn and will definitely be buying more colors of this yarn.  It’s even more gorgeous in person and is a joy to knit.

:: cue gratuitous yarn p0rn shot ::

Film Noir close up


9 responses

  1. Did you get the j/d diet? My vet recommended it for my old Bouncer dog, but I hadn’t heard of it before, and I’m sometimes a little skeptical of the prescription diets (rightly or wrongly.)

  2. Kish is on Purina JM. The ingredients are much better than the usual Purina food. I wouldn’t have switched her to it if it was a crappy food (I’m cheap, but do spend money to buy quality pet food).

    I’ve very skeptical of such things, but it will be cheaper than buying the supplements separately (that’s what I did with my German Shepherds). I also don’t need to remember to give her the supplements (a possible problem with my work schedule these days).

  3. Interesting! I didn’t know Purina had a diet like that. The vet was pushing Science Diet j/d last time we were there. Bouncer’s already on glucosamine/chondroitin supplements.

    Is the Purina a prescription diet?

  4. Oh, poor Kishka! I’ve to start thinking of giving supplements to Biko.
    But I LOVE your photos, especially the one where Kishka is wooing Sadie. :o)

  5. Janice – Yes, the Purina is prescription. Here’s a link to it:

    The corn gluten meal doesn’t thrill me, but everything else is pretty good.

  6. Beautiful dogs, beautiful yarn — can’t get much better!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Beth J.

  7. Such great pics…we are in the process of deciding what to do with maslow – she will be 13 and has a tumor…and Otis who will be 12 also has one…it’s gonna be a tough year at chez reddog

  8. Great photos! What fun they have…

    and the Ban Breathnach quote? Interesting that I have her two books on my bedside table right now…!

  9. Thank you for sharing your romp in the woods with us! The dogs look like they had wonderful time. I love the socks too. 🙂

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