Daily Archives: January 24th, 2010

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn. ~ Gore Vidal

After a week of cloudy weather, the weekend arrived and so did the sun.

Pikes Peak

It was a nice day to enjoy the park.

The stream was still frozen in many places:

Sadie on ice

Kish looks

Girls on ice

But there were enough areas that were not frozen so the girls could enjoy the water:

Sadie in stream

Kish drinking

The girls were able to run:

Sadie runs

Kishka runs

The squirrels were teasing them:

Sadie looks up

Kish looks for squirrels

There was barking and wooing:

Barking and wooing

Sadie watched me from behind the trees:

Sadie watches

Kishka kept on eye on Sadie:


Most of all, it was a day for hanging out and having fun:

Girls downstream

Girls look again

Girls off together

Girls through trees

Kishka even seemed to find a moment of zen:


Fun at the dog park is measured by one thing: mud.

Mud = fun. Sadie always has fun.

Sadie muddy butt

The yarn diet of 2010 continues, but I did buy a new project bag and stitch markers:

New bag

Stitch markers

These came from Annie Purl’s Etsy shop.

I’ve completed the feet on the Film Noir socks:

Film Noir socks