Daily Archives: January 31st, 2010

One of the most sublime experiences we can ever have is to wake up feeling healthy after we have been sick. ~ Rabbi Harold Kushner

There are no park pictures to show in this week’s post. That’s because there was no visit to the park this weekend. This weekend (and the entire week) has been spent on my couch. The nightmare of a cold that’s going around struck me last Sunday and has knocked me flat for an entire week.

Instead of the park this weekend, there was the couch. It wasn’t all bad, though. A certain furry friend of mine loves to snuggle.

Here she is on my legs:

Sadie sleeping on me

And here she is in full snuggle mode…sprawled on top of me:

Sadie snuggles

Being sick sucks, but having a loyal friend at your side on top of you makes it a bit better.

I was too sick to knit for most of the week (the horror!), but over the past day or two I’ve knit the heel flaps, turned the heels and started one of the gussets on the Film Noir socks:

Film Noir socks

I pulled on one of my favorite pairs of socks this week and discovered a problem:

Hole in sock

The stitches from the heel flap have totally pulled away from the gusset. Once I’m feeling better, I’ll try to fix it and save the socks.

For now, I continue to rest.

Kishka on toy