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Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air… ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yesterday dawned sunny, but very cold and very windy.

Cold day

I almost wimped out on the park, but I couldn’t deprive Sadie of the highlight of her week.  I bundled up and off we went.

On the way to the park we drove by what I call the spaceship house.

Spaceship house

I don’t know the story behind the spaceship, but I laugh every time I see it.

Sadie was more independent this week.   She led the way on walking path.


She urged me to walk faster.

Sadie wants me to walk faster

She explored the fields.

Sniff patrol

She took off through the woods.

Sadie explores

She came to get me when I dawdled behind her.

Happy Sadie

She enjoyed drinking the ice cold stream water.

Sadie in water

And she relaxed in the cold water (brrrr).


She barked with joy.


Seeing Sadie having so much fun made me forget the cold.   Almost.


I’m making great progress on the Grape Ape socks.


Romeo has been helping me knit them.

Romeo bats the yarn

My yarn


Finally, a picture of Sadie. The dog takes napping seriously.



A good dog never dies. He always stays. He walks besides you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter’s drawing near. His head is within our hand in his old way. ~ Mary Carolyn Davies

Thank you to everyone who commented, emailed and sent PM’s via Ravelry to express condolences on the loss of Kishka.  I appreciate all of the kind words and stories that you shared with me.   As many people commented, Kish’s death was very sudden and unexpected.   I think I’m finally getting over the sheer shock of it and am starting to process what happened.

One thing I’m getting used to is a quiet house.   I knew that Kish wooed a lot, but I didn’t realize just how much she wooed.   My house is so darn quiet now.   It’s kind of spooky.

I’m also showering Sadie with attention.   She and Kishka bonded from the very beginning and I knew that Kish’s death would be rough on Sadie.   For the first few days, Sadie seemed to look for Kishka.   She was constantly walking around the house and yard.    She’s stopped the searching and now she just seems depressed.   I realize I’m anthropomorphizing her, but there’s no way around it:   the dog has got the blues.


Weekends are for outdoor adventures and that continues.    Hiding in my house eating chocolate will not bring Kishka back (a tactic I have tried) so last weekend Sadie and I headed out for our weekly adventure.   I couldn’t face our usual park, so we went to a different one.    Sadie had to stay on her leash at this park, but we still had fun.

The scenery was beautiful.
Red rocks



The trails weren’t crowded.

Sadie heads down the trail

Sadie enjoyed leading the way.

Sadie leads the way

She got impatient with all my picture taking.

Sadie waits for me

And we found a gorgeous spot to rest.

Sadie rests

This weekend we went back to our regular park.  It was a gorgeous day.


There were even birds singing.

Singing bird

Sadie has always been a follower, not a leader, so for the first hour or so she stuck close by my side.   Kishka always led the way and I don’t think Sadie quite knew what to do without her there.    After some encouragement from me, she ventured off on her own.

Sadie goes exploring


Always keeping an eye on me, of course.


There was snow to eat.

Sadie likes snow

A stream to splash in.



And, a hole to dig.

Sadie digging

This last one took me by surprise. I’ve never seen Sadie dig a hole, but she dug a huge one yesterday.


Sadie also found a friend to play Chase with her.

Sadie plays chase

She never came close to catching him, but she had fun trying.


She was a very tired girl when we got home.

Sadie in sunbeam

There has been knitting around here.   I finished the Film Noir socks last weekend.

Film Noir socks

The yarn is simply lovely.

Film Noir socks close up

And the skein size generous (I have size 10 feet).

Leftover yarn

I also cast on a new pair and have completed both feet.


Today is a very special day for Sadie.


It’s her anniversary. It was two years ago today that she came to live with me. We’re going to go for a walk later and then tonight she’ll get her present:

Busy Bone

Sadie rarely gets such treats, so I’m sure she’s going to love it.

Sadie slurps

The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master. ~ Ben Hur Lampman

Kishka Bob

Kishka enjoys the fading sun

Adopted:  December 2, 2002

Died:  March 11, 2010

To say that I’m not prepared to write this post is the understatement of the century.   Oh, Kishka.   My sweet girl.  Kishy.   How on earth do I say goodbye to you?

Your story, like all of my pet stories, began at the Humane Society.  It was December 2002 and my ex-husband and I were looking for a third dog to round out our furry family.   I wanted to make it a German Shepherd trio so I was focused on adopting a Shepherd.  I found one, but my ex was insistent on meeting you.   He thought you were cool looking and eventually he talked me into meeting you before we met the Shepherd.  I’m eternally grateful for that.

You came into the meeting room and promptly flipped over for a belly rub.  In that instant, I fell in love.

When my marriage ended the three of you stayed with me.   I fought for you guys and it was more than worth it.

I can’t talk about you without talking about them.  I called you guys The Three Stooges and the three of you were inseparable.

Walking the fenceline

When Max and Sam would wrestle, you would stand on the sidelines wooing.  (I liked to think that you were calling commentary on the wrestling match.)

You were the low dog on the totem pole when they were alive and when Samantha died it was interesting to watch you take on the role of top dog.  It didn’t take long.  You loved to boss Sadie around.     She rarely made a move without consulting you first.

As much as you loved to boss her around, you and Sadie were the best of friends.  One of my great joys was watching you guys together.

The two of you loved exploring together…


…walking together…

Leading the way

…getting into mischief together…

Getting a closer look at the bird's nest

…and just hanging out together.

132/365:   Chillin'

You were always such an agile and active dog.   In your younger years you never walked around the couch.  You jumped over it.

You were a fast runner.

Kish running

You used to catch rabbits.  There was a period of time when I would have to do a mouth check before you came in the house.  (This was due to you bringing a dead rabbit in the house and hiding it in the couch cushions.)

You loved to dig.   Often on our walks, we would pause for several minutes at a time while you went after something.

8/365:  Digging.

Sometimes you caught a field mouse while digging.   I pretended to be grossed out but I was proud of you:  my great hunter.

You liked to chase your tail.   Often we’d be walking along and you’d start running in circles trying to catch that darn tail.  When you did catch it, you’d yelp and usually end up with a clump of fur in your mouth.

You loved to play fetch.   If I was willing, you could spend an entire afternoon chasing a ball.


The only time you ever laid on your back was after a game of fetch.    You loved to lie on your back in the sun with a tennis ball in your mouth.


When we started going to the dog park you discovered a new love:  squirrel hunting. Your attention span with squirrels was amazing.   You would sit perfectly still and wait for one to come down from a tree.

Kishka watches squirrel

You never caught one, but that didn’t stop you from trying again and again.

Kishka squirrel hunting

You didn’t eat like most dogs.   You dined.   You stretched out with the food bowl between your front legs and slowly, carefully ate your food.   It would sometimes take you 30 minutes to eat a meal.

I loved your ears.   Yes, that’s weird, but I loved how one tipped over and one stood straight up. Your ears were also very, very soft.

Kishka Bob

I also loved the touch of white on the tip of your tail.

Kishka tail

You were a sweet and gentle soul.

You were never an overly snuggly dog, but you were affectionate.  Sometimes when we were driving down the road you would sit behind me and put your head on my shoulder.

Most days when I arrived home from work you were waiting for me.

Waiting for me

When I was sick you tried to comfort me.

Kishka on me

I think my favorite thing about you was your wooing.   I loved it.  You wooed all the time and it made me laugh every single time.

Kishka woos

I’m not sure how I’m going to live in a world without wooing.

Most of all, I’m not sure how I’m going to live in a world without you.


The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think. ~ Horace Walpole

My camera lives in my purse. I love capturing unexpected moments.

I was driving home from work one day this week when I spotted this:

Burger King dude

Yes, that’s a Burger King crown on his head. He appeared to be sober.

Yesterday I spotted these people walking through town:

Celebrating early?

I think they started their St. Patrick’s Day drinking a bit early.

Could it be the moon?


Like many knitters, I keep my notions in tins (Altoids tins, gum tins, etc.). I was at the store this week and spotted a very cool tin.

It was marked 50% off and was in my cart before I thought to see what was inside. As a bonus, it was something I could use:

We went to the park this weekend, but I didn’t take many pictures. I did snap this one of Kishka enjoying the stream:

Kishka in stream

The day at the park wore her out:

Kishka sleeping

Little known fact about Sadie: sometimes she sleeps with her eyes open. She was snoring when I took this picture:

Freaky dog sleeping with her eye open

And here she is, contemplating her place in the universe:

Sadie Maxine

I just started the cuffs on my socks. It won’t be long before I’m wearing these!


Finally, best buddies: